MN Technologies provides services in the areas of Pro- gram Management, Design Review, Building Permit Facilitation, Pre-Construction as well as Subcontractor Interfacing. Our consultants are available throughout the project’s course to meet with your project partners and subcontractors.

We can also provide owners and developers with personnel to assist with scheduling, procurement, purchasing, and other various tasks needed. Our pre-construction department has the resources to assist in the development of branded concepts and while our program management team can assist in developing programs with community outreach, diversity participation, and management of owner programs.

Due to a desire to partner with the client from conceptual stages and work together to execute a seamless project, MN Technologies is an advocate of the Design-Build project delivery method. In contrast to “design-bid-build”, the design and construction aspects are contracted with a single firm. The design-builder is usually the contractor and design professionals are typically retained directly by the contractor.

The design-builder strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion – Whereas the construction begins while the building is still being designed – ultimately minimizing the project risk for an owner and reducing the delivery schedule

On-going changes in the growth and development of the Company are geared to ensure that we take maximum advantage of opportunities in the market place. We have seen a definite shift in industry trends with a move away from traditional public sector work towards Private Public Partnerships (PPPs). This comes about as a realization that governments worldwide can no longer be expected to carry the burden of infrastructure development alone given the many competing socio-political priorities. As a Company we have realized this and we are in a position to participate in PPP opportunities.


Our most valuable asset

They form the life blood and backbone of our operations. As a truly South African Company, we support and drive transformation. We are proud of our staff, 100% are historically disadvantaged individuals

Other services

Hydrogen Fuel Cell UPS implementation The best backup fuel cells system, easy to install both indoor and outdoor compliant with all EU safety standards.

Airtech offers compatible start-up and run times to UPS and Genset solution, with higher reliability and lower dimensions, weight and life cycle costs. It also ensures greater operating autonomy and more efficient management unexpected events than alternative technologies.Electro SELFElectroSelf generates 100% of its own hydrogen therefore it releases operators from the difficulties of purchasing and supplying any backup fuel. It is specifically designed to optimize both renewable and grid power.

In Off-grid installations it enables the storage of renewable energy, which is never supplied constantly.Clean hydrogen onsite production: There is no need for onsite visits to refuel or perform maintenance checks. 24/7 management and control: Complete peace of mind. No ongoing fuel expenditure or fuel security.

Electrical power from renewable energy sources. In the past, the limiting factors of renewable energy have been the storage and transport of that energy. With the use of an electrolyzer, a method of storing and transporting hydrogen gas, and a fuel cell, electrical power from renewable energy sources can be delivered where and when required, cleanly, efficiently and sustainably.

• Access Control
• Closed Circuit Television(CCTV)
• Public Announcement installation and setup
• Maintenance and Servicing
• Project Management
• LED Lighting
• Solar Geyser